Alkame Holdings Inc. is actively acquiring companies, and seeking to partner with entities in various sectors, exchange rights, and or cross market technologies using several different business paradigms including exchange of stock, joint venture, and other various partnership configurations.

Alkame Holdings Inc. leverages patented water technology across multiple industries


Alkame Holdings Inc. is diligently building a strong foundation and setting the stage for a true mini conglomerate holding company. With the launch and acquisition of appropriate business assets, Alkame Holdings, Inc.’s goal is to maximize and capitalize on the development of the various and multiple applications utilizing the intellectual property (IP) assets in several emerging business sectors, such as the growing aqua-culture industry , the consumer bottled water and pet water sectors, as well as exploring future opportunities in RTD (ready to drink), horticulture, agriculture, as well as many other business solutions.


Alkame subsidiaries and potential affiliates include intellectual properties, proprietary systems, and trade secrets in the emerging global health and wellness technologies, and provides the infrastructure, along with the protective umbrella and transparency of a publicly listed SEC compliant company to acquisition candidates through incubation.‏